Лијечење заражених ноктију код куће

Сазнајте више о невероватном лечењу гљивица на ноктима нокта

Убија инфекцију гљивичне гљивице заувек!

Заражене нокат може бити извор непријатности. Срећом, може се третирати код куће ако немате озбиљан основну здравствено стање.

Infected Toenail Home Remedies

Инфецтед нокат третман

One way to treat an infected toenail at home is to soak it. One can fill a large basin full of warm water, Epsom salts, and a few drops of an antifungal essential oil such as lavender. This will help keep away the pain, swelling and discomfort that can come with having an infected toenail. Another type of soak that is used as a home treatment for an infected toenail is the mixture of apple cider vinegar and warm water. One can soak their toe in this mixture for approximately twenty minutes a day for relief.

Another home treatment for an infected toenail is herbal oil. Herbal oils such as garlic oil and calendula oil can help kill infections as well as heal surrounding tissues.

Бели лук is well known for its antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. One can infuse garlic in oil and apply it to infected toenail treatment as a natural antibiotic treatment. Calendula-infused olive oil can be rubbed into the surrounding tissue to help keep the inflammation down.

Водоник пероксид is also used as a home remedy for an infected toenail. Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used to disinfect wounds. Applying hydrogen peroxide solution to the infected toe can help prevent bacteria from spreading.

Iodine is also used as part of a home remedy regime for an infected toenail to help prevent the toenail from getting even more infected. A doctor may even suggest rubbing an ointment such as Neosporin into the surrounding tissues of infected toenail treatment to keep the infection from spreading to other toes.

Most importantly, proper hygiene is one of the best at-home treatments for an infected toenail. One can wash infected toenail treatment with a natural tea tree oil soap to keep the toenail and the feet clean.

Сазнајте више о невероватном лечењу гљивица на ноктима нокта

Убија инфекцију гљивичне гљивице заувек!

Drying the feet thoroughly after washing them is also recommended, as more moisture can breed more infection. Keep the feet properly moisturized as well. Cracks due to dryness create more opportunities for lurking fungi to make a home on one’s toenails.

Also allow the toes to get some air for a while by wearing open-toed shoes around the house and outside if the weather is fair. The air is good for helping an infected toenail heal.

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